writing about the future in the hope that I'll stick to writing things


I have a blog, I should probably use it

For the past couple of years I've owned this domain, and have done absolutely nothing with it. Off the top of my head there are 2 reasons for this:

  • I don't believe I have much to write about.
  • I don't write because there's always something to fix.

And put like that, those aren't really valid reasons at all. There are a bunch of things I could write about where it be tech related, code snippets or other things. Those things might not deserve any attention, but they might be worth writing.

One of the benefits of writing is that it helps remember and document information. Stefan mentioned his TIL section a couple of year's ago and I thought it was genius. I still think it's an amazing idea, not the easiest to stick to, but a really good way of documenting knowledge and also progression. Also it's good for structuring thoughts and knowledge and communicating that knowledge.

Regarding the second point, there'll always be something to fix. While writing this post, I've fixed an image display issue and tried to set up preview branch on Netlify. At some point I'll want to add Lazy-loading, image compression and other stuff. But that should give me something to write about, I just need to dedicate some time to it.

So For this year I want to:

  • write more,
  • do more Open Source, it doesn't need to just be code,
  • learn some more Python and Rust,
  • learn much more Typescript.
  • write more about what i'm learning